Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Green Walls in Tokyo

Living Columns in a Retail District in Tokyo
I recently took an amazing, two-week trip to Japan.  I was blown away by the gardens, the people, the history, and the food.  It will be hard to summarize the trip, but I thought I would start with a few photos of something that I have always loved- green walls.  In Tokyo, we saw some impressive green walls in public places like retail districts and train stations.  They were wonderful patterns of color and texture, which focused mostly on foliage rather than flowers.
Part of a Flower Show Exhibit
Ferns and Heuchera

Living Wall Planters

Green Walls with ferns, grasses, heuchera, and other foliage plants. Shannon is about 5'6" for scale.

Fancy traffic island.  I think that is mostly hakonechloa, but I didn't run out in the street to check!

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