Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home Ownership!

I was looking for a source of never-ending projects, so I decided to buy a house!  (I'm only half-kidding here)  I bought a house in the Bellevue neighborhood of Richmond, VA, just two miles from my lovely garden, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and very close to downtown Richmond.  Its amazing how mundane tasks seem exciting when you are in a new house.  From installing the kitty door the to the basement, to hanging blinds and artwork, to choosing paint colors- I feel like I'll never be bored again!  I'm going to capitalize on this enthusiasm until it wears off... 
Backyard, this Fall 2013
Front yard this Fall 2013.  AJ has big topiary plans for the lollipop-pruned Chinese holly on the right and the Nandina's days are numbered...
Of course, I'm itching for Spring so I can get outside and into my very own garden!  AJ and I spent some time putting together a plant wish-list while watching college football at a local bar this Fall... I'm sure there were other people making plant lists in the bar that day too, right?  It looks like we are going for an edible landscape/pollinator friendly garden.  We have big dreams of espaliered fruit trees, figs, blueberries, and thorn-less raspberries, white clover in our lawn, red buds, dogwoods, stewartia- oh the possibilities are endless!
This morning in my snowy backyard
I can't wait to see my cherry tree blooming in the Spring!
As soon as it warms up enough, I'll move the beehives from their home, for the past two years, at the Garden.  After their adventure moving 5 hours and 4 states from Pennsylvania, 2 miles should be pretty easy.

Stay tuned for blog posts of home improvement and gardening projects.  And I promise to start blogging about my quilting projects again soon!
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