Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bottling Day

In April, I made my first home brew and promised a post about bottling day.  After a busy spring, I'm just getting back to telling the story about bottling day.  Whoops!  The second fermentation took about a week and then we bottled the IPA.  I was advised to get a fancy bottling tree to dry the bottles after I sanitized them.  I'm not sure if this was absolutely necessary, but it made things very easy.
Washing reused bottles with soapy water before sanitizing them
Letting reused bottles dry on the bottle tree after sanitizing
 The beer was siphoned from a glass carboy into a bottling bucket and we used a bottle filler to fill the bottles with beer.  
Siphoning the beer from the carboy into the bottling bucket
Using a bottle filler

A bottle capper was used to secure new caps on the bottles and we let it sit for 2 weeks before we sampled the delicious brew!
Using a bottle capper

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