Saturday, April 28, 2012

Judging Garden Tours in the Fan

Lovely wavy wall with English Ivy kept in check!
This weekend I had the opportunity to be a judge for the West Avenue Improvement Association Annual Garden Tour.  It doesn't get much better than waking up early on a Saturday morning to poke around the backyards of the beautiful houses in Richmond's Fan neighborhood!  I saw innovative designs, interesting plants, and beautiful garden furniture and accents.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and took away so many great ideas!
This skinny space between houses turned into a potting bench and utility area with a beautiful iron gate.
Steps leading down to a basement turned into a place to showcase potted plants and a train vines on the wall.
I just loved this metal gate on the alley-side of one of the homes.
The Moroccan lantern must look wonderful at night, and the decorative mirror made the garden seem larger.
With such an interesting planter, I'll forgive the tame plant choices of boxwood and English Ivy.
Super attractive way to keep out unwanted visitors!
This garden had so many little touches of decorative metal sculptures.
Who needs planting beds when you can fill your deck with native and exotic plants in countless containers?
A grape arbor provides shade for this outdoor dining room.
Fish pond surrounded by shade perennials and a large camellia trained on the left wall.
Hooray for recycled building materials!  Upside down wine bottles create an edging for the beds containing ground orchids.


  1. These are wonderful and inspiring pics Gracie :)

  2. These gardens are lovely and gorgeous. It's good to see gardens with these lively plants. The places look so natural and enticing. I think that they would be more compelling if a fake grass is installed as a part of a landscaping design.


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