Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carousel Lavender Farm

This weekend I visited Carousel Farm in Bucks County.  This was the perfect time to see acres of blooming lavender in their fields.  Entering the gift shop, the smell of lavender was intoxicating.  They sold many lavender products including, dried lavender flowers, soaps, lotions, lavender honey, and even lavender cookies and chocolate.  It will at least be another week before they harvest this year's lavender flowers, so I urge anyone in the area to visit!
Beehives in the lavender fields


  1. Did they let you just run free through the fields?

  2. thanks for taking us on your lavender journey via photos. I will definitely make sure to visit next summer to see them bloom. Although I'm craving lavender honey for my tea, so I might need to visit in the fall.


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