Sunday, June 19, 2011

Veggie Seedlings

Growing plants from seed is a wonderful thing.  After spending the winter pouring over seeds catalogs and waiting for warm weather, it is just so exciting to be able to get my vegetable seeds started in the greenhouse and finally plant them in my garden.  The process that I use requires a few steps of transplanting before the plants go out to the veggie garden.  I start the seed in seed trays, which have long skinny slots for the seeds.  I use a very light and fine seed starting media.  Then the tiny seedlings are planted into cell packs which are about 2-3" square.  Then they are potted up into 6" pots to grow for a while until they are large enough to plant outside in the garden.

Camera phone photo of my seed packets.  I lay them out like this to organize them according to sowing times.
My first little seedlings popping up out of the seed starting media.

Pepper and tomato seedlings ready to be transplanted.
Pepper seedlings transplanted into cell packs.
Tomatoes stepped up into 6" pots.
Basil, dill, and Brussels sprouts stepped up into 6" pots.
This year, I used Organic Mechanics Container Blend Potting Soil, which is a company owned by my friend Mark Highland.  Their soil is certified organic, peat-free, local, and earth-friendly.  The Container Blend is contains compost, pine bark, coir, and worm rice hulls- no peat!  I can attest that this soil is soooo much better than regular potting soil.  The plants are more vigorous and seem more able to fend off pests and diseases.  Great product, Mark!  Check out Mark's Blog for more info.

Organic Mechanics Container Blend Potting Soil

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