Sunday, May 15, 2011

ipad Cover

Although I would love to say that I made a cool new cover for my very own ipad, sadly, it was for a friend.  But the request gave me another reason to sew (like I really needed a reason to sew), so it was a fun project!  I searched for patterns online and adapted a few of the many patterns/tutorials that I saw.  This one is super easy and quick.  The only thing I didn't particularly like was that I was making ipad covers for two men, so I had to hold back from using fabric with any florals, paisley, or the color pink- boo!  I guess it is a lesson in stepping out of your comfort zone.

ipad Cover Materials
2 fat fabric quarters- for outer fabric and lining fabric
6 inches of sew on velcro (don't use the kind with adhesive, it will gum up your needle)
1 fat quarter of fusible fleece
contrasting thread

20" x 11.25" of outer and lining fabric, 6" of velcro
 Cut a 20" x 11.25" rectangle out of outer fabric, lining fabric, and fusible fleece.
Sew one side of velcro (loop side), lengthwise to the short end of the lining fabric.
Layer- fleece, lining fabric right side up, and outer fabric wrong side up.
Sew around perimeter, leaving a 5-6" gap for turning (on one of the covers I sewed the corners of one short side at an angle, 2" from the top to make the flap look tapered- see photo).
Sandwich of fusible fleece, lining fabric, and outer fabric.  Corners of 1 short side are angled.

Turn right side out through gap- pushing corners out with a closed pair of scissors.
Sew around the perimeter of the rectangle- this will close up the gap.
Use ipad to measure the proper location of the second piece of velcro (hook side) on the outer fabric, pin in place, and sew around the perimeter.
Fold 7.5" and top stitch sides along the previous sew line to create the pocket.

An update on my Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk progress:
After only a couple of weeks, I'm thrilled to say that my generous friends, family, and colleges have donated $810 to my walk!  I still need to raise $1,490, so I can't slow down now. 

Also, I have completed week 2 of training.  So far, I have walked 34 miles, in about 8.5 hours.  The full training schedule has me walking over 660 miles before my 60 mile, 3-Day walk in October.  That is a lot of time walking!!

To read more about the 3-Day Walk for the Cure, check out this previous blog post here, or to donate, check out my personal fundraising page here.


  1. Awesome job! Clever idea -- who knows, one day you may be making one for you!


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