Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cherri House Lecture

"City Play" Quilt by Cherri House
On Friday, Cherri House from Cherry House Quilts lectured to the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild.  Cherri told us touching stories about the great influence that quilts have had on her life.  She encouraged us to not worry about quilting styles of modern, contemporary, or traditional, but rather to make quilts that we personally like and we can enjoy.  This might mean making a modern twist on a traditional pattern, or incorporating traditional techniques into modern patterns.  She reminded us that the backing fabric is a very important piece that should tie in with the rest of the quilt and the importance of the fabric choice shouldn't be overlooked.  Cherri is a champion for solid fabrics.  She stated that all too often, people are afraid of solids, but when used correctly, they can produce a fantastic quilt that makes a bold statement.
"The Tempest" Quilt by Cherri House
The best part of the lecture was, of course, the quilts.  She showed us about a dozen of her quilts, telling us the stories behind each one including the inspiration for the design and any good tidbits she had about the assembly.  She always ended by saying that she really really loved the quilt and more than once, she claimed that it was her "favorite."  I can relate to that.  I'm always so proud that I finished a quilt or sewing project that I feel like they are all my favorites.
"House's House" Quilt by Cherri House
"Baby I Do" Quilt by Cherri House

"City Lights" Quilt by Cherri House
"Sliced Fruit" Quilt by Cherri House
I ended up buying her book, City Quilts, which she was kind enough to sign for me, as well as 2 additional patterns, "The Tempest" and "House's House."  I can't wait to get started on these!
My purchases- a book and 2 patterns

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  1. Nice summary! I just had her book out from the library a few weeks ago. :)


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