Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Philly Flower Show- Set-up Week

After months of planning and growing, it was finally time to set up our display at the Convention Center.  Not many people get to see what is involved in transporting plants to the show, so here is a behind the scenes look at this small, but critical piece of the puzzle.
Temple students helped to prepare the plants for transport.
The plants were either packaged in flats or individual paper sleeves.  Then they were placed on rolling racks that were wrapped in plastic wrap.  The plants have been growing in a 75 degree F greenhouse, and the wrapping will protect them from freezing temperatures.  The sleeves also protect the leaves from tearing.  Each plant must be in top condition, so care during transport is crucial.
Temple students loading plants onto the climate controlled truck
We use a climate controlled truck to transport the plants.  This is another measure that has to be taken to protect the plants from the cold March temperatures.
Plum trees (Prunus 'Thundercloud') wrapped for transport
Trees are wrapped in paper to protect the flowers from damage and to protect them from the cold.

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