Sunday, March 6, 2011

Philly Craft Brew Fest

I don't think I have expressed my love of beer on this blog yet.  I am undeniably a beer snob.  Taking after my dad, Jim, my favorite beers are the hoppy IPAs, but I also love a good Belgian or a crisp wheat beer.  I quickly turn my nose up at a domestic main stream beers and I proudly support the many craft beers that are coming on the beer scene.  I'm happy that there are so many breweries popping up in the Philadelphia area.  I support buying local, eating local, and now also drinking local!

The Philly Craft Beer Festival is held each year at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  The event has over 100 beers from over 50 brewers and you get to try all of them with 2,000 of your closest friends.  I went with my friend Reid, but also bumped into a few familiar faces along the way.  It was a fantastic day of trying new brews, giving many group cheers, and making new beer loving friends. 

Amy and I making pretzel necklaces in the car on the way to the brew fest
Reid and I giving a cheers to the first beer of the day
Gerard Olson and Daniel Endicott from Forest & Main Brewery & Pub- opening soon in Ambler, PA!
Taking a bite of my pretzel necklace
This T-shirt vendor made his vest out of beer caps secured together with zip ties
My friend Mary Grace is writing her masters thesis on the motivations of people who attend beer events, so she was there passing out surveys.

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