Thursday, February 17, 2011

V-Day Cake Pop Disaster

I have been reading Bakerella's blog for years and have always wanted to make her yummy cake pops.  Basically, you make a box cake, crumble it up, mix in a jar of frosting, roll into balls, stick it on a lollipop stick, and coat in chocolate.  It sounds so simple, yet so amazing!  My roommate Amy and I decided to make Valentine's Day themed cake pops to give as gifts.  We used a chocolate cake mix with cream cheese frosting and coated some in milk chocolate and some in white chocolate.  We decorated the pops with an assortment of sprinkles.

Chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting

Bakerella suggests mixing the frosting into the cake crumbles with your hands.  This was an incredibly sticky, messy process! 

Mixing cake and frosting

After adding the frosting, the mixture was rolled into small balls, then placed on a cookie sheet and chilled for a few hours. 

Cake rolled into balls

We were able to insert lollipop sticks into the first few cake balls, dip them into chocolate, and decorate them with sprinkles.  After a few cake pops, the balls started to really fall apart and it just wasn't working at all.  We even kept the balls in the fridge and pulled them out as we needed them.  Oh Bakerella, you make it look so easy, what went wrong!? 

We ended up just topping each cake ball with a teaspoon of chocolate and adding sprinkles.  Serving them in a cupcake paper made them look great.  The good thing is that no one will ever know that these were a disaster because they taste great and look pretty :)


  1. welcome to the "i'm never going to be bakerella club"... lol... you know what happened when i tried!! oh well... she probably can't sew a quilt like we can ;-)

  2. Haha! I knew those couldn't be as easy as she makes it look. Although maybe it's the empty wine glass that caused the problems?

  3. Haha, busted! Yes, Becky, my baking adventures usually involve wine... in fact, so do my sewing adventures, soap making adventures, etc.

  4. I was random blog surfing so HI! ... anyway. I recently tried my hand at cake pops and I discovered two things. First, you really don't want to use a whole can of frosting to a cake mix. It just makes the pops too soft and then they fall off the sticks. I also don't dip into the candy coating, I use a spoon and pour it on. I also leave the balls in the freezer for about 30 mins and work with only about 12-15 balls at a time. So if you decide to try again I hope that helps!!!

  5. Thanks for the advice! I want to give it another try and I'm sure the tips will help.


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