Monday, February 21, 2011

Starting a Hexagon Baby Quilt

I have always been a very particular quilter, measuring carefully, ripping seams and resewing if anything wasn't perfect, and being overall picky about everything.  The past year has taught me to throw all of those tendencies out of the window and see what can happen.  I haven't gone too crazy yet, but these things take baby steps!

My latest project was inspired by two things- (1.) Organizing my fabric made me see that I had a lot of great fabric that I wanted to use, and (2.) my friends, Tee Jay and Christina, are having a baby boy and I want to make their new little one a baby quilt to accompany the quilt I made for little girl, Casey, 2 years ago!

A block from Casey's quilt- one for her little bro is in progress!
For Casey's little brother-to-be, I am using a pattern for a modern take on a hexagon quilt.  This was the cover pattern for the Winter edition of International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene magazine.  It starts with lots of strips of random fabrics and widths.  No careful measuring?  No set pattern of carefully chosen fabrics?  No real plan and a let's see what happens attitude??  Deep breaths Grace, you will survive...

I have just started to cut out the many strips (of random widths and fabrics- yikes!).  I'll sew 4-5 strips together and then cut out the wide pentagon blocks.

Blue and green strips
Laying out my piles of strips to sew into blocks.
Stay tuned for my progress...

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