Friday, November 26, 2010

What to do with 4,200 Yo Yos

What do you do with 4,200 yo yos?  Make a huge quilt of course! 

My Grandma Grace is an avid quilter and also had a successful career as an antique dealer and owner of Grace Antiques, a shop in Cincinnati, OH.  One of the estates that she bought for her shop contained a few quilts, including a yo yo quilt which she gave to me a few years ago.

Yo yos are little rosettes made by gathering circles of fabric.  Yo yos are a quick and easy use of scrap fabric, but I never know what to do with all of them.  This quilt's yo yos are less than 2 inches wide.  I counted the yo yos in my quilt (well, at least the edges) and found that it was 60 wide by 70 long, making it 4,200 yo yos total!  I can't imagine the patience that it would have taken to sew all of these together!  Most of the quilt is random and scrappy, with subtle patterns. 

I'm not sure if a yo yo quilt is in my future, but this quilt is certainly inspiring!  Do any of you have other good uses for yo yos?

Scrappy yo yos with a subtle pattern in orange.

Back side of yo yo quilt

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