Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Quilts that Raised Me

Lonestar quilt started by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka in the 1930's and finished by my Grandma Grace Rudig in 1994.
I grew up surrounded by quilts.  All of the women in my life are either quilters or have a great appreciation for quilts.  Since I was recently able to spend a week at my parents' home in FL, I though it would be a great opportunity to photograph the quilts that have decorated our house for as long as I can remember.

Fan Quilt by my Grandma Grace Rudig- 1996.
The thing I love most about quilts is that they always have a story behind them.  My Grandma Grace Rudig was the youngest of seven children and her older sisters made her clothes when she was a child.  She told me that many of the quilts that we have inherited contain pieces of fabric used in her childhood clothes.  I love to think about things like this when I look at these quilts because it makes me feel so connected to my family members.

Dresden Plate with mostly floral prints by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1937
I have a love for all types of quilts.  I adore the traditional patterns and old fashioned fabrics, but I am fascinated by new, modern styles and patterns.  When I make quilts, I like to take inspiration from the past, while adapting my style to modern patterns and fabrics.

Star of David quilt by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1938

Close-up of Star of David quilt by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1938
Top view of another Dresden Plate with mostly plaid and stripe prints by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1935
Scalloped edge of Dresden Plate quilt with mostly plaid and striped prints by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1935

Alice's Fan Club quilt by my Aunt Cindy Kittendorf- she is very naughty and doesn't date her quilts, but this was made some time in the 2000's for my mom Alice
Cutting Board quilt by Aunt Cindy Kittendorf- again no date, but she made this in 2009 for my Dad Jim, modeling it off of the beautiful cutting boards that he makes.
Hearts and Gizzards by me, Grace Chapman- 1994- this was my very first quilt that I made when I was 13 years old, taught by my Aunt Cindy Kittendorf
Baby quilt made by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1932
Baby quilt made by my Great-Aunt Ruth Rebka- 1932
Floral Album appliqued quilt made by my Grandma Grace Rudig- 2009- this one hangs in my house in PA
The more I sew and learn new techniques, the more I appreciate the patience and skill that went into these quilts, most of which were hand pieced and quilted.  I don't think I would be interested in quilting today if I had not been able to admire these all of my life.  It is amazing to me how little bits of fabric and thread can remind me of my family, brighten my day, and make me feel like I am home. 

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  1. What a terrific heritage! I myself like to make yo yos. I have two sizes of the Clover yo yo maker. You asked in your previous entry what else can be done with yo yos besides make quilts? I've seen vests made from them and also dolls.


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