Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiny Treat Bags

For the Philly Modern Quilt Guild October challenge, we made Itty Bitty Poochie Bags.  This pattern was originally posted on the Moda Bakeshop Blog.  These bags were super fast and fun to make.  We all packed them with treats in the Halloween spirit and did a blind swap at our meeting.
Materials for one bag
For each bag, I cut out two 5"x10" blocks of floral material (for bag body and lining), two 2.5"x8" blocks of a contrasting fabric (for pockets), and two 15" lengths of ribbon for the straps.  Each of the blocks was folded in half and ironed.  The large blocks were opened up (the iron line serves as a guide and will be the top of the bag).  Pockets were centered at the bottom of one end and ribbon was placed around the raw edges of the pocket.
Treat bags pinned and ready to be assembled
Then I sewed along both sides of the ribbon, very close to the edge.  I sewed up one side, stopped at the fold line of the larger block, and turned to sew down the other side of the ribbon.  Repeat with the other side of the bag.
Ribbon sewn on- this secured both the ribbon handle and the pocket material.
The two sides were sewn, right sides together, and a 3" gap was left at the top of the block.
Pinning the two sides together (I made two bags and used alternating fabrics for the main bag and pockets so that is why this shows the polka dot fabric).
After sewing the edges, the bag was flipped inside out through the 3" gap that was left at the top of the bag.  Then the gap was sewn shut and the lining was tucked inside the bag.
Treat bags ready to be stuffed with goodies!
Voila!  These little bags were super quick and easy.  The original instructions can be found here: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2009/10/itty-bitty-poochie-bag.html.


  1. I am so excited that I picked your treat bags! They are cute with the alternating fabrics. The best part was the fact that you used dots -- polka dot fabric and had the bags filled candy dots!

  2. Thanks Angie! I totally didn't pick up on the dot connection. Dots are just one of my favorite candies and I love polka dot fabric too. I hope you enjoy the bags!

  3. These are so cute! I want to think of a reason to make them!


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