Friday, September 24, 2010

Quilt Extravaganza!

Last weekend, Cindy and I went to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravagnaza XVII.  It was my first quilt show and I was soooo excited!  There were so many amazing quilts and I took way too many photos.   I won't bore all of you with all of my quilt pictures, so here are my top 10.  By the way- it was really really hard to narrow it down to 10...

Love the purple and black

Two of my obsessions- trees and little birds- of course this was one of my favorites!
I think this one was trying to describe the quilters different personalities or something like that
This one was layered squares of fabric
This one was inspired by a biology book... think red blood cells...
A poem
This may not look spectacular, but the dark lines were burned into the fabric with a soldering iron
Close up of the soldered fabric
I love all of the bright colors, curves, and points
I love the panels that separate the different styles- especially the different techniques that are used to make the trees
Light and dark diamonds


  1. That one...describes the quilters different personalities or something like that...and Jesus?!? Did you notice that? :)

  2. I was totally going to comment on that too! Little known fact, Jesus was an awesome quilter? :)


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