Thursday, September 16, 2010

G is for Grace

Lately I have been seeing a lot of cute monogrammed craft ideas.  I love the idea of personalizing hand made gifts!

I saw this fun "G" lamp on a blog post from Design Sponge.  Dad- there are detailed instructions, but it involves woodworking, so I'm throwing the ball in your court.  You know when my birthday is...

Letter Lamp (Photo credit and instructions: Design Sponge)

Quilted letters:  These blocks say "live" and "love."  I'm a very straight lines kind of girl, so this styles makes me a little nervous, but when I see other people pull it off so well, it makes me want to give it a shot!
Word Blocks (Photo credit: Lazy Gal Quilting)

When we graduated from graduate school, our office manager, Kathryn, gave the girls each a monogrammed mug from Anthropologie.  We currently have a "G" and an "A" mug living in our cupboard.  Okay- maybe they aren't hand made, but they are pretty cute!  Fill them with some home made candy or wrap them in a hand sewn bag and it still counts as a hand made gift in my book- or maybe semi-homemade... Sandra Lee would approve.
Monogrammed mug from Anthropologie (Photo credit: Anthropologie)

Of course I should have known that Martha would pull through with many monogrammed crafts.  On, there are free downloadable monogrammed labels, boxes, party favors, napkins, pillow cases, etc.

Monogrammed Labels (Photo credit and free downloads: Martha Stewart)
Monogrammed boxes (Photo credit and free downloads: Martha Stewart)
Monogrammed gift tags made from old holiday cards (Photo credit and free download: Martha Stewart)

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