Thursday, August 12, 2010


Welcome to my blog! I have been looking for an outlet to share my adventures in getting back to basics and my love for all things sewn and grown. I have had many rich experiences in beekeeping, gardening, and fabric crafts while trying to live a more green and wholesome life. Nothing excites me more than harvesting carrots from my veggie garden and saying hello to “the girls” (my bees) on a warm afternoon. Moving from Florida, I have had to greatly adjust to Pennsylvania’s climate and plants and I’m learning to enjoy the change of seasons. I will always miss my sub-tropical flora and my beloved Florida Gators, but connecting with the landscape has always kept me grounded. I hope you enjoy following me through my ups and downs, trying to survive in the north while my heart is in the south and trying to multitask through my many hobbies and passions as a plant geek, fabric-holic, tree hugger.

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