Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visiting Chanticleer

This weekend, Keri and I also visited Chanticleer in Wayne, PA. Yet another one of my favorite gardens, Chanticleer is an inspiring breath of fresh air.  Creative plant combinations, interesting sculptures and garden art, and a whimsical atmosphere that just makes you feel good!  I always leave this garden with new ideas and a sense of awe for the creativity of the gardeners.
Chanticleer house and garden

Clematis vine with seed heads on a railing
Echeveria nodulosa in a container
Hanging basket of mixed succulents
Leaf shaped drinking fountain
Gravel garden
Keri walking in the stream garden
Moss and hosta in the Asian woods
The ever changing teacup garden
Cissus discolor
Mixed succulent container
Senecio radicans in a re-purposed bucket elevator belt turned planter

Succulents in the Ruin Garden

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  1. Hi!!
    I am italian...I wanted Cissus Discolor, Can I help me???


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