Friday, August 27, 2010

Gotta Love Grandmas

Today, I got a unique gift in the mail.  My grandma Joan Chapman sent me my great great grandmother's sock darner made in 1900.  I knew this was coming and I have been waiting for it with anticipation... I have been wanting a sock darner for a long time and having one with such meaning behind it is icing on the cake.  Of course my friends have made fun of me, wondering why I don't just throw my socks away when they get a hole in the toe.  Well friends, I'm a tree hugger and I love to sew, so I guess I'm just the kind of girl who darns socks.

Grandma wrote the following note:

"Dear Gracie-
This belonged to your Great Great Grandmother Mary Maskery.  She was very fond of me and I know she would think you are perfect- just as we do!
With love,

There is nothing like a note from Grandma to boost your ego every once in a while!  Have a good weekend everyone- I'll be darning socks...
Well worn sock darner that belonged to my Great Great Grandma Mary Maskery

1 comment:

  1. This is so cool... a vintage darner! Being mildly obsessed with having cool socks, I should also be darning instead of tossing holey socks out.


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