Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Community Garden Work Day

On Saturday, we had a big work day in the community garden at Temple.  It was in honor of one of my students, John Paul Endicott, who passed away earlier this summer in a car accident.  Learn more about John Paul here.  John Paul was working with me to improve the community garden that I started last summer.  John Paul was always bursting with new ideas for the garden.  He organized an event this spring to kick-off the garden.  Held on National Public Lands Day, John Paul brought speakers from the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS) and a PA Master Gardener to talk about intensive urban gardening growing herbs in containers. 
Visitors watching a lecture at National Public Gardens Day (Photo Credit: Jim Duffy)
John Paul also got us involved with Plant a Row for the Hungry.  We planted a small plot in the community garden (approx 230 sq ft) and have already harvested almost100 lbs of produce this season that was donated to Mattie Dixon Food Cupboard in Ambler, PA. 
Tomatoes ready for donation (Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)
Potatoes freshly harvested (Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)

John Paul's family and friends as well as the staff and students at Temple wanted to continue his dedication to growing and donating produce, so we decided to dedicate another growing space as a donation area.  This large garden (65 feet x 80 feet) is normally used to teach a vegetable class on campus, but without students on campus during the summer, the garden needed lots of love.

We had about 45 volunteers attend from 9am-3pm.  They came with weed pulling energy and smiles on their faces.  The results blew us away.  They successfully weeded what was looking like a forest, and turned it into a well behaved veggie garden with fresh paths and weeded beds.  We can't wait to plant cool crops and keep the donations going throughout the Fall.
Tackling our grass filled veggie garden (Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)
Stakes for supporting our veggies (Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)

(Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)

Grace and John after a long day of weed pulling (Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)
Part of Saturday's harvest (Photo Credit: Daniel Oleksiuk)

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