Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cats Can't Quilt

Suzie looking very innocent... don't buy it!
Since I haven't achieved one of my life goals of having a sewing room, I have to create a make-shift sewing area in my living room whenever I get the urge to be crafty (this happens often and my roommate Amy is super accommodating).
A very behaved cat... so far.
I'm working on an "Another Brick in the Wall" quilt from Carolina Patchworks using orange and blue fabrics (Go Gators!). While working on the layout, I placed about a million strips of fabric on the floor and of course the kitties, Suzie (gray and white) and Otis (black), immediately decided to lay on them.
Although I carefully chose the order, the kitties had a better idea and decided to "help" by messing up my layout. It is a good thing that the layout was totally random to begin with.

Here is where the re-organizing of my strips starts...
They looked very pleased with themselves.
I will post updates as the quilt comes together with the help of my two consultants.

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